Video Tape to DVD
Before your video tapes wear out and you can no longer view, we offer a service to convert your tapes to the latest technology and preserve your memories for the future.

Studio Hire and Duplication Services
Our Production Studio is equipped with arrange of editing and duplication machines using time base correctors with advanced digital converters
and video enhancers. Full colour control, white balance and special effects

Capture and Edit in DV, DVcam, Component, High Definition 1080i
And distribute in all formats

Duplicate Videos in all overseas formats:

NTSC, Secam, Mescam, Pal
Video to DV - DV Cam and HDV
Video to DVD - DVD to DVD - Video to VCD
Audio CD duplication

Scan photos and negatives.
Photography editing, capture, enhancing, printing,
Multi-media power point presentations.

High Definition
The future is available now with high definition video cameras capable of producing very high detail and brilliant colour images.

On Target video production decided it would make the change to give our customers the opportunity to have the best images for their products.

Our first project was to produce a high quality music clip for CMC (Country Music Channel) cable TV.

This has proven very successful and will be the forerunner of future cable TV ventures.

Professional Equipment
Sony HDV camera and Professional shotgun Microphones.
Evolution camera crane for dramatic overhead shots.
Steady cam camera controller for smooth moving shots.
Dolly tracking system for more video enhancement.
High definition software from America to enhance our productions.

Combine all this equipment with a high definition mobile studio recorder and the possibilities are unlimited for professional results.

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